The top 9 summer sports that cause injuries in Alberta

Summer is a time for being outdoors and having fun with friends and family, a great opportunity to get the kids outside and exercising.

And yet, every year between May and September there is an average of 37,683 sport and recreation injuries in Alberta. Each month saw more than 7,500 summer sports and recreation injuries.

According to data from 2011-2014 generated by the Injury Prevention Centre at the University of Alberta, these injuries account for over 48 per cent of all sport and recreation injuries throughout the year.

The most injuries occur in May with an average 8,239.

Gender in sports

Males had almost twice the amount of injuries than females. The male rate, at 1,257 hospital visits per 100,000 people, was almost double the female rate at 644 visits per 100,000.

Cycling was the leading cause of injuries among males, including mountain biking. Among females, the most injuries were caused by playground or cycling accidents.

Age in sports

Males and females between the ages of 10 and 14 had the highest number of sport and recreation injury visit rates among all major age groups.

Children younger than 10 had the same top three causes of injuries: playground, trampoline and cycling. The top injury-causing sports from ages 1 to 14 were credited to the playground and cycling.

For all ages, cycling seems to the the most dangerous sport. It is the leading cause of injuries in most age groups and contributes to 19 per cent of all sport and recreation injuries.

Statistics found that injuries decreased with age in both males and females.

The list

1. Cycling (including Mountain Biking)

Cycling, including mountain biking, amounted for 19% of summer sport and recreation injuries. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

2. Quads, Side-by-sides, and dirtbikes

3. Playground (excluding trampoline)

4. Fallen or thrown from an animal (excluding Rodeo)

5. Hockey (excluding inline)

Baseball, slowpitch and softball amounted for 5% of summer sport and recreation injuries. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

6. Baseball/Softball/Slow-pitch

7. Trampoline

8. Football

9. Rugby


This information is provided by the Injury Prevention Centre at the University of Alberta. The rates are based on population and have not been adjusted for the number of registered participants, the frequency of play, duration of play or seasonal weather conditions. The data covers the months of May to September in 2011-2014.