Hundreds stare at Calgary Tower and “Wow” like Owen Wilson


Saturday, April 21, 2018 – Hundreds gathered around the Calgary Tower to join in on a worldwide internet trend – crowds yelling “Wow” like celebrity, Owen Wilson.

On Feb 26, 2018 twitter user, Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF), tweeted a video of a crowd in Melbourne, Australia gathered to “Wow” in Wilson-like fashion.

This inspired events in cities across the world, including Toronto on April 6.

The Calgary event was put together by a Facebook user, “Cool Uncensored Crispy Cream Meme Emulator,” which 90.3 AMP tweeted is really a guy named Jeff.

A few hundred people showed up, despite the Facebook event attracting a lot more Calgarians. Over 1,800 people said they were going; while 5,000 people said they were interested.


The event details said, “Well would ya looky here, it’s a Saturday right in the middle of 4/20 and Earth Day, so let’s celebrate ’em both by standing outside the tower and doing our best Owen Wilson impressions!”

It even caught the attention of 90.3 AMP Radio, who showed up on location to hand out Owen Wilson masks and to blast clips of the celebrity saying, “Wow,” over large speakers.


Many people seemed excited to join in and socialize with others underneath the Calgary Tower.

Aaron Mottershead wrote in the Facebook group, “Shoutout to those who showed up today and the awesome individual who made this happen. What a time to be alive.”