Nathan Woolridge

Garth Brooks

  • Hometown(s): Botwood, Newfoundland and Peace River, Alberta
  • Current: Calgary, Alberta


I am a Calgary-based journalist currently studying for my Bachelor of Communications, with a major in Journalism and a minor in Political Science.

At Mount Royal University, I have been published by the program’s Calgary Journal and the student association’s Reflector. I had an opportunity to work as a summer editor with the Calgary Journal and gain experience working with professors; editing and writing numerous stories for online and the print publication.

I have a passion for journalism and media. I love to be creative and have always had an entrepreneurial and marketing spirit. I started my first business selling ice cream before I was in highschool. Then, I began antiquing;


buying peoples antiques, vinyl records, comic books, and more. I was always a collector myself and loved the idea of selling pop culture items. I opened my first store when I was sixteen (Peace River’s teenage storeowner).

Since a young age I have been always fascinated with business and marketing. As I went through highschool I became really interested in politics. I began reading tons of articles and getting familiar with politics in Canada and Alberta. Therefore, I decided to take a minor in Political Science at Mount Royal University to further my education.

My stories are typically profiles and issues; mostly politics and current events. I have covered other areas, such as sports and cultural stories. I have studied news and information design, visual story-telling (photography and video), audio story-telling, and print/online articles.

I am fascinated by changes to the field of journalism. I want to conduct media research and build media platforms. My business and journalism background allows me to be curious and adventurous in my work.